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    Benefits of stepping forward

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    Benefits of stepping forward


At the WA Police Force we're all about looking after our number 1 resource - you! Policing opens the door to a long, fulfilling career with a range of benefits including:

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Salary and incentives

A long, rewarding career

The WA Police Force offers competitive salaries and great career prospects. Starting salaries are:

Academy Training (recruits) $59,329
Probation (18 months) $77,284
3rd year of service $79,836
4th year of service $81,917
5th year of service & thereafter $84,003
Constable First Class (after 5 yrs) $89,046
Senior Constable (9 yrs +) $95,882
Training wages $55,884
Full wages $66,075 -$89,916
17 years $33,211
18 years $37,960
19 years $42,713
20 years $47,461
21 > years $51,498

Salaries increase through negotiated pay rises. The above figures are base rates, excluding penalties and allowances. Shift penalties apply to weekends, afternoons, evening and night shift.

Other financial benefits may include:

  • Free or subsidised housing in many country locations
  • 18.75% annual leave loading on top of normal salary
  • 9.50% employer contributions to superannuation. This is in addition to the salaries listed above. 
  • Shift or other allowances (depending on job role or location)
  • Salary packaging options
  • Fully funded Police Officer's uniform or plain clothes allowance (Detectives)

Flexible leave options

We provide you with a variety of flexible leave options:

  • Six weeks annual leave per year (Police Officers, Police Auxiliary Officers and Police Auxiliary Officer - Cadet)
  • Opportunities to purchase leave
  • Deferred salary scheme (work four years at 80% salary and take the fifth year off at 80% salary)
  • Long service leave after ten years then every seven years of continuous service thereafter
  • Fourteen weeks of paid parental leave
  • Access to personal leave
  • Leave for training with the Defence Forces

Personal development

At the WA Police Force, we want to help you become the best you can be in your role. We believe if you're given the right tools to keep learning, you'll be better placed to seize more opportunities and advance yourself - both personally and professionally.

Enjoy access to our comprehensive training courses, further education and professional development.

  • A range of training programs and qualifications
  • Up to five hours of paid study leave per week
  • Commissioner's scholarship and other paid study programs
  • Access to and payment of membership fees to relevant professional associations
  • Opportunities to relieve in senior positions with increased remuneration
  • Attendance at industry-related seminars and conferences
  • Access to prestigious fellowships
  • Interstate senior level development programs
  • Leadership development

Health, safety and wellbeing

We work hard to create a safe, enjoyable workplace through minimising the risk of injury and illness and promoting positive health and wellbeing - physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Some of the initiatives we offer include:

  • Professional in-house Critical Incident Response support
  • Availability of 24/7 confidential counselling services with an independent external provider for you and your family members - (assists in resolving personal and work related issues)
  • 'Peer Support Program' - to help colleagues offer support for each other in the event of personal or work-related stress
  • Comprehensive injury management and rehabilitation assistance
  • Psychological treatment and support
  • Chaplaincy support
  • Ongoing Equal Opportunity and Occupational Safety and Health training
  • Personal protective clothing and equipment
  • Health advice and wellness programs ('Fit for Life')
  • Professionally equipped gymnasiums and training programs
  • Active social club committees
  • Employee networks