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    How to Prepare

Making sure you fit the bill

At the WA Police Force, we have thorough processes in place to ensure we recruit the highest quality candidates.

As part of the selection process, you’ll be put through a series of checks and evaluations to make sure you fit the bill by assessing you against the pre-requirements.


  1. Application Form
  2. Full Licence History


Application Form

When you apply to the WA Police Force, you will need to complete and submit an Application Form. You will also be required to submit supporting certified documents as outlined in the Application Form.

Full Licence History

If you have resided in Victoria, South Australia or Australian Capital Territory for three (3) months or longer, you are required to attach a Full Licence History from that state to your application (a five (5) year Licence History will not be accepted). A Full Licence History can still be obtained if you have never held a Motor Driver’s Licence in that state.

To access the Licence History:
ACT - Click here
South Australia - Click here
Victoria - Click here

Traffic and Criminal Check

When we receive your Application Form, we will undertake a check to identify any criminal offences and/or traffic infringements you may have.

Once the Application Form and supporting documentation has been checked and verified and the Traffic and Criminal Check has been completed, you will be invited to commence the Selection Process.

Selection Process

Selection Criteria

Applicants are assessed against five (5) criteria throughout the selection process.  These criteria form the basis for all expectations and qualites WA Police are looking for in their officers and are reflected in the duties they perform.  They are:

  • Analytical, comprehension and problem solving skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Team work
  • Adaptability and judgement
  • Personal drive and integrity

Vision requirement

You are required to have a minimum uncorrected visual acuity of 6/30 in each eye. Outside this range, an assessment of your circumstances will be conducted on a case-by-case basis. However, as a minimum you must be able to meet the corrected visual acuity standard of 6/6 binocularly or 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in the other when wearing soft contact lenses. A report from a qualified person will be required detailing your vision history, current treatment and future prognosis. This must include your history of duration of wear and tolerance of soft contact lenses over a 10 hour period and expected future tolerance to wearing soft contact lenses on an ongoing basis. You must bring this report with you when you are invited to attend the Police Entrance Evaluation (PEE). The WA Police Force will send you the form that you need for this report.

Police Entrance Evaluation (PEE)

This tests your literacy, comprehension and communication skills as well as your practical intelligence.  If you are unsuccessful in this evalution, you may re-apply in six months.

Physical Evaluation (PPE)

These tests include an abdominal strength rating (sit-up), firearm pre-selection test, crowd control simulation (push/pull machine), shuttle run test (beep test) and an agility test. You are allowed three attempts at the PPE after which you may re-apply after six months if you are unsuccessful. To view the Physical Evaluation videos, click here. To download information on the PPE, click here.

Realistic Job Preview (RJP)

If you are an applicant based in the Perth metropolitan area, you will be required to attend the RJP. The RJP will ensure you have a realistic understanding of the role of police and the tasks you can expect to encounter during your service.

Psychological Evaluation

You will be required to undergo a standardised personality test comprising internet-based questionnaires and typed questions.  If you are deemed unsuccessful in this evaluation you will not proceed to further assessments and you may re-apply in six months.

Psychological Interview

You will be invited to attend a psychological interview that assesses your ongoing suitability to be employed as a WA Police Force Officer.

Panel Interview

You will be invited to attend a panel interview that assesses your ongoing suitability to be employed as a WA Police Force Officer.

Medical check

Following the successful completion of the selection process, you will be required to undertake a Medical Check. This examination is designed to ensure your fitness and health are of a high standard and that there is no reason why you cannot carry out all the duties required as a Police Force Officer.

Following the medical check, you will need to undergo the following checks:

  • identifying particulars (finger prints/DNA)
  • bankruptcy check

A full background and integrity check will be conducted during the process.