Physical Videos - Custody Support

We’re looking for dedicated candidates with grit to join forces with the WA Police Force.

You’ll be put through a series of tests to ensure you’re in prime physical condition and are well equipped to handle the challenges of being in the Western Australia Police Force.

Here you can view videos of the different physical evaluations that you will be required to complete:


The Police Sit-up will test you abdominal strength. You must complete one sit up to pass this test.

Shuttle Run

Otherwise known as the beep test, the Shuttle Run will test your cardiovascular fitness. You must complete the minimum number of levels for your age and gender. You can download the beep test here.

Crowd Control

This test is designed to simulate the pulling or pushing of a person when undertaking crowd control measures.


This will test your ability to move your body in space accurately and rapidly via changes in speed and direction.