Congratulations to Silver and Brown Squads 05 May 2022

Put your hands together for our new probationary constables!

Our recent graduation was an exciting and proud moment for our 56 new graduating officers who now look forward to serving their community across our unique and diverse state of WA. Among them, 17 graduates were born overseas, three are Aboriginal, six emanate from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, and five graduates can speak a second language. Further, they come from an assortment of backgrounds including vet nurses, retail assistants, security guard, and occupations in the health and hospitality sectors. Nine have worked for the WA Police Force in other roles and five graduates have past military experience.

 These three new constables shared their reasons for joining forces with us.

Recruit Graduation Trio

Lena was born and raised in Germany and has aspired to be a police officer since she was just 15 years of age. Upon becoming a permanent Australian resident, Lena followed her dream and cannot wait to join the rest of our officers to keep the Western Australian community safe.

Zaine spent his childhood being an older and younger brother and believes strong leaders and role models can influence others and help them to achieve greater goals. Zaine looks forward to building rapport and a healthy relationship with the community so he can encourage more people to approach police rather than segregate from them.

Jacy has also always wanted to be a police officer and after school worked as a Vet Nurse. With encouragement and support from police officers in Broome – Jacy has taken the next step in pursuing her dream career.



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