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    Diversity & Inclusion

Recruiting a workforce to inspire.


The WA Police Force is committed to increasing Aboriginal employment and encourages diversity within our workplace.

It is important to us that our recruit squads represent the community we serve.


The WA Police Force continues to build on recent progress, take a look at our Multicultural Action Plan to see what to expect in the future. Look here to understand how our vision is to move forward to a united future with Aboriginal people and work towards ensuring equality, justice and well being. 


Over the past 12 months recruit squads have comprised 315 men and 133 women. These recruits have varied in age from 19 to 51 years, 22 recruits are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander with 34 recruits originating from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities.

Diversity in previous employment also brings an extra dynamic to our agency. This years recruits have come from careers including Defence, Accounts/Admin, Management, Trades, Security, Health and Personal Training. Former Retail employees make up 24% of our recruit squads, is this you?